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Mayor Byron Brown: She gets things done!



We need Crystal Peoples-Stokes in the Assembly.

From being a driving force in the thousands of new jobs coming to the City of Buffalo to securing $56 million in classroom technology for the Buffalo Public Schools, she’s delivering for our community. Her leadership is crucial and we need her representing us to keep delivering for our neighborhoods.

That’s why I’m asking you to join me in voting 10A for Crystal Peoples-Stokes this Tuesday, September 9th.

Not sure where to vote? Go look it up now!

Polls are open from 6 AM to 9 PM. Since this is such an important primary, Crystal really needs you to turn out on Tuesday. When will you be going to vote for Crystal?

Thank you,

Mayor Byron Brown


Buffalo News: Accomplishments of Peoples-Stokes justify re-election

Buffalo News Endorsement

The obvious choice is the incumbent, Crystal Peoples-Stokes. Peoples-Stokes understands the position. She is well-versed in making Albany work for her constituents and she brings a strong sense of ethics to the job. And, significantly, she is interested in continuing to grow and to learn new things – and does so.

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Gov. Cuomo Signs Anti-Heroin Bill Into Law

csp_2.jpgToday I joined Governor Cuomo, Mayor Byron Brown and a number of other colleagues, as the governor signed a anti-heroin bill into law. The signing is designed to curb the use of heroin and heroin related deaths in New York State.


Traffic Adjudication Bill Passes

12:20am in NYS Assembly Chambers, my City of Buffalo Traffic adjudication bill passed by unanimous vote. Long overdue, but worth the wait. As soon as the bill is signed by Governor Coumo, Buffalo, like most other cities, will have the ability to maintain local control of the adjudication process for…


  • Candidate Biography

  • Assembly Member Crystal D. Peoples-Stokes, has faithfully served New York State’s 141st Assembly district since 2003. An advocate with clear and principled service, she has always put policy before politics.