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    Hello and Good Day

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    Thanks and Regards
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    Hello and Good Day

    I am Max (Jitesh Chauhan) Marketing Manager with a reputable online marketing company based in India.

    We can fairly quickly promote your website to the top of the search rankings with no long term contracts!

    We can place your website on top of the Natural Listings on Google, Yahoo and MSN. Our Search Engine Optimization team delivers more top rankings than anyone else and we can prove it. We do not use “link farms” or “black hat” methods that Google and the other search engines frown upon and can use to de-list or ban your site. The techniques are proprietary, involving some valuable closely held trade secrets.

    We would be happy to send you a proposal using the top search phrases for your area of expertise. Please contact me at your convenience so we can start saving you some money.

    In order for us to respond to your request for information, please include your company’s website address (mandatory) and or phone number.

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    Thanks and Regards
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    Trying to reach the campaign manager to go over the Caring Majority Rising ~ Candidates Who Care campaign that we would like to invite the Assemblymember to participate in. You can reach me at 845-943-4212. Lolli Edinger, Caring Majority Rising leader
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    Dear Crystal PEOPLES-STOKES,

    Assembly Member,

    I would like to share some texts written about 80-90 years ago, that can explane some basics of HAPINESS and the PEACE in the Family and in The COUNTRY .

    Best wishes…

    – – 0 – –


    ‘Force’ as its point of support in the life of society.

    It considers its aim to be ‘benefits’.

    The principle of its life it recognizes to be ‘conflict’.

    It holds the bond between communities to be ‘racialism and negative nationalism’.

    Its fruits are ‘gratifying the appetites of the soul and increasing human needs’.


    The mark of force is ‘aggression’.

    The mark of benefit – since they are insufficient for every desire – is ‘jostling and tussling’.

    While the mark of conflict is ‘strife’.

    And the mark of racialism –since it is nourished by devouring others– is ‘aggression’.

    It is for these reasons that it has negated the happiness of mankind.

    – As for the WISDOM of the FAITH;

    Its point of support is ‘truth’ instead of force.

    It takes ‘virtue and God’s pleasure’ as its aims in place of benefits.

    It takes the principle of ‘mutual assistance’ as the principle of life in place of the principle of conflict.

    And it takes ‘the ties of religion, class, and country’ to be the ties bonding communities, instead of the race.

    Its aim is to form a barrier against the lusts of the soul, urge the spirit to sublime matters, satisfy the high emotions, and urging man to the human perfections, make him a true human being.

    And the mark of ‘the truth’ is accord.

    The mark of virtue is ‘solidarity’.

    The mark of mutual assistance is ‘hastening to assist one another’.

    The mark of religion is ‘brotherhood’ and ‘attraction’.

    And the mark of reining in and tethering the soul and leaving the spirit free and urging it towards perfections is ‘happiness in this world and the next’.


    – – – 0 – – –

    According to the principles of materialistic philosophy, power is approved. “Might is right” is the norm, even. It says, “All power to the strongest.” “The winner takes all,” and, “In power there is right”(*). It has given moral support to tyranny, encouraged despots, and urged oppressors to claim divinity.

    (*)The principle of prophethood says: “Power is in right; right is not in power.” It thus halts tyranny and ensures justice.


    – – 0 – –

    Indeed, youth heeds the emotions rather than reason, and emotions and desires are blind; they do not consider the consequences. They prefer one ounce of immediate pleasure to tons of future pleasure.

    – – 0 – –

    Destruction Is Easy; The Weak Person Is Destructive:

    The condition of the existence of the whole is the existence of all the parts; while its non-

    existence may be through the non-existence of one of its parts; so destruction is easy. It is because of this that the impotent man never approaches anything positively and constructively; he always acts negatively, and is always destructive.

    – – 0 – –


    The Twentieth Letter :
    The highest aim of creation and its most important result is belief in God. The most exalted rank in humanity and its highest degree is the knowledge of God contained within belief in God. The most radiant happiness and sweetest bounty for jinn and human beings is the love of God contained within the knowledge of God. And the purest joy for the human spirit and the sheerest delight for man’s heart is the rapture of the spirit contained within the love of God. Yes, all true happiness, pure joy, sweet bounties, and untroubled pleasure lie in knowledge of God and love of God; they cannot exist without them.

    The person who knows and loves God Almighty may receive endless bounties, happiness, lights, and mysteries. While the one who does not truly know and love him is afflicted spiritually and materially by endless misery, pain, and fears. Even if such an impotent, miserable person owned the whole world, it would be worth nothing for him, for it would seem to him that he was living a fruitless life among the vagrant human race in a wretched world without owner or protector. Everyone may understand just how forlorn and baffled is man among the aimless human race in this bewildering fleeting world if he does not know his Owner, if he does not discover his Master. But if he does discover and know Him, he will seek refuge in His mercy and will rely on His power. The desolate world will turn into a place of recreation and pleasure, it will become a place of trade for the hereafter.

    First Station

    Each of the eleven phrases of the above-mentioned sentence affirming divine unity contains some good news. And in the good news lies a cure, while in each of those cures a spritual pleasure is to be found.

    THE FIRST PHRASE: “There is God”

    This phrase conveys the following good news to the human spirit, suffering as it does countless needs and the attacks of innumerable enemies. On the one hand the spirit finds a place of recourse, a source of help, through which is opened to it the door of a treasury of mercy that will guarantee all its needs. While on the other it finds a support and source of strength, for the phrase makes known its Creator and True Object of Worship, who possesses the absolute power to secure it from the evil of all its enemies; it shows its master, and who it is that owns it. Through pointing this out, the phrase saves the heart from utter desolation and the spirit from aching sorrow; it ensures an eternal joy, a perpetual happiness.

    THE SECOND PHRASE: “He is One”

    This phrase announces the following good news, which is both healing and a source of happiness:

    Man’s spirit and heart, which are connected to most of the creatures in the universe and are almost overwhelmed in misery and confusion on account of this connection, find in the phrase “He is One” a refuge and protector that will deliver them from all the confusion and bewilderment.

    That is to say, it is as if “He is One” is saying to man: God is One. Do not wear yourself out having recourse to other things; do not demean yourself and feel indebted to them; do not flatter them and fawn on them and humiliate yourself; do not fear them and tremble before them; for the Monarch of the universe is One, the key to all things is with Him, the reins of all things are in His hand, everything will be resolved by His command. If you find Him, you will be saved from endless indebtedness, countless fears.

    THE THIRD PHRASE: “He has no partner”

    Just as in His divinity and in His sovereignty God has no partner, He is One and cannot be many; so too He has no partner in His dominicality and in His actions and in His creating. It sometimes happens that a monarch is one, having no partner in his sovereignty, but in the execution of his affairs his officials act as his partners; they prevent everyone from entering his presence, saying: “Apply to us!”

    However, God Almighty, the Monarch of Pre-Eternity and Post-Eternity, has no partner in His sovereignty, just as He has no need for partners or helpers in the execution of His dominicality.

    If it were not for His command and will, His strength and power, not a single thing could interfere with another. Everyone can have recourse to Him directly. Since He has no partner or helper, no one seeking recourse can be told: “Stop! It is forbidden to enter His presence!”

    This phrase, therefore, delivers the following joyful announcement to the human spirit: the human spirit which has attained to faith may, without let or hindrance, opposition or interference, in any state, for any wish, at any time and in any place, enter the presence of the All-Beauteous and Glorious One, the One of power and perfection, who is the Pre-Eternal and Post-Eternal Owner of the treasuries of mercy, the treasuries of bliss, and may present its needs. Discovering His mercy and relying on His power, it will find perfect ease and happiness.

    THE FOURTH PHRASE: “His is the dominion”

    That is to say, ownership is altogether His. As for you, you are both His property, you are owned by Him, and you work in His property. This phrase announces the following joyful and healing news:

    O man! Do not suppose that you own yourself, for you have no control over any of the things that concern you; such a load would be heavy. Also, you are unable to protect yourself, to avoid disasters, or to do the things that you must. In which case, do not suffer pain and torment without reason, the ownership is another’s. The Owner is both All-Powerful and All-Merciful; rely on His power and do not cast aspersions on His mercy! Put grief behind you, be joyful! Discard your troubles and find serenity!

    It also says: You love and are connected to the universe, which is the property of the All-Powerful and Merciful One, yet although it grieves you by its wretchedness, you are unable to put it right. So hand over the property to its Owner, leave it to Him. Attract His pleasure, not His harshness. He is both All-Wise and All-Merciful. He has free disposal over His property and administers it as He wishes.

    THE FIFTH PHRASE: “His is the praise”

    Praise, laudation, and acclaim are proper to Him, are fitting for Him. That is to say, bounties are His; they come from His treasury. And as for the treasury, it is unending. This phrase, therefore, delivers the following good news:

    O man! Do not suffer and sorrow when bounties cease, for the treasury of mercy is inexhaustible. Do not dwell on the fleeting nature of pleasure and cry out with pain, because the fruit of the bounty is the fruit of a boundless mercy. Since its tree is undying, when the fruit finishes it is replaced by more. If you thankfully think of there being within the pleasure of the bounty a merciful favour a hundred times more pleasurable, you will be able to increase the pleasure a hundredfold.

    An apple an august monarch presents to you holds a pleasure superior to that of a hundred, indeed a thousand, apples, for it is he that has bestowed it on you and made you experience the pleasure of a royal favour. In the same way, through the phrase “His is the praise” will be opened to you the door of a spiritual pleasure a thousand times sweeter than the bounty itself.

    For the phrase means to offer praise and thanks; that is to say, to perceive the bestowal of bounty. This in turn means to recognize the Bestower, which is to reflect on the bestowal of bounty, and so finally to ponder over the favour of His compassion and His continuing to bestow bounties.

    THE SIXTH PHRASE: “He alone grants life”

    That is to say, He is the giver of life. And it is He who causes life to continue by means of sustenance. He also supplies the necessities of life. And it is to Him that the exalted aims of life pertain and its important results look, and His are ninety-nine out of a hundred of its fruits. Thus, this phrase calls out in this way to ephemeral, impotent man, it makes this joyful announcement:

    O man! Do not trouble yourself by shouldering the heavy burdens of life. Do not think of the transience of life and start grieving. Do not see only its worldly and unimportant fruits and regret that you came to this world. For the life-machine in the ship of your being belongs to the Ever-Living and Self-Subsistent One, and it is He who provides for all its expenses and requirements. Also, your life has a great many aims and results, and they pertain to Him, too.

    As for you, you are just a helmsman on the ship, so do your duty well and take the wage and pleasure that come with it. Think of just how precious is the life-ship and how valuable its benefits; then think of just how Generous and Merciful is the Owner of the ship. So rejoice and give thanks and know that when you perform your duty with integrity, all the results the ship produces will in one respect be transferred to the register of your actions, that they will secure an immortal life for you, will endow you with eternal life.

    THE EIGHTH PHRASE: “And He is living and dies not”

    That is to say, the Possessor of a beauty, perfection, and munificence that are infinitely superior to the beauty, perfection, and munificence to be seen in the creatures of the universe, and that arouse love; and an Eternal Object of Worship, an Everlasting Beloved, a single manifestation of whose beauty is sufficent to replace all other beloveds, has an enduring life through pre-eternity and post-eternity – a life free from any trace of cessation or ephemerality and exempt from any fault, defect, or imperfection. Thus, this phrase proclaims to jinn and man, to all conscious beings, and the people of love and ardour:

    Here is good news for you! There exists an Everlasting Beloved who will cure and bind the wounds caused you by countless separations from the ones you love. Since He exists and is undying, whatever happens do not fret over the others. Furthermore, the beauty and generosity, virtue and perfection to be seen in them, the cause of your love, are, passing through many veils, the shadows of the palest of shadows of the manifestation of the Ever-Enduring Beloved’s ever-enduring beauty. Do not grieve at their disappearance, for they are mirrors of a sort. The mirrors being changed renews and embellishes the manifestation of the Beauty’s radiance. Since He exists, everything exists.”

    - 0 -

    The Tenth Word


    We shall indicate, as a measure, only four out of hundreds of proofs that belief in the hereafter is fundamental to the life of society and to man’s personal life, and is the basis of his happiness, prosperity, and achievement.

    T h e F i r s t : It is only with the thought of Paradise that children, who form almost a half of mankind, can endure all the deaths around them, which appear to them to be grievous and frightening, and strengthen the morale of their weak and delicate beings. Through Paradise they find hope in their vulnerable spirits, prone to weeping, and may live happily. For example, with the thought of Paradise, one may say: “My little brother or friend has died and become a bird in Paradise. He is flying around Paradise and living more happily than us.” The frequent deaths before their unhappy eyes of other children like themselves or of grown-ups will otherwise destroy all their resistance and morale, making their subtle faculties like their spirits, hearts, and minds weep in addition to their eyes; they will either decline utterly or become crazy, wretched animals.

    S e c o n d P r o o f : It is only through the life of the hereafter that the elderly, who form half of mankind, can endure the proximity of the grave, and be consoled at the thought that their lives, to which they are firmly attached, will soon be extinguished and their fine worlds come to an end. It is only at the hope of eternal life that they can respond to the grievous despair they feel in their emotional child-like spirits at the thought of death. Those worthy, anxious fathers and mothers, so deserving of compassion and in need of tranquillity and peace of mind, will otherwise feel a terrible spiritual turmoil and distress in their hearts, and this world will become a dark prison for them, and life even, grievous torment.

    F o u r t h P r o o f : The most comprehensive centre of man’s worldly life, and its mainspring, and a paradise, refuge, and fortress of worldly happiness, is the life of the family. Everyone’s home is a small world for him. And the life and happiness of his home and family are possible through genuine, earnest, and loyal respect and true, tender, and self-sacrificing compassion. This true respect and genuine kindness may be achieved with the idea of the members of the family having an everlasting companionship and friendship and togetherness, and their parental, filial, brotherly, and friendly relations continuing for all eternity in a limitless life, and their believing this. One says, for example: “My wife will be my constant companion in an everlasting world and eternal life. It does not matter if she is now old and ugly, for she will have an immortal beauty.” He will tell himself that he will be as kind and devoted as he can for the sake of that permanent companionship, and treat his elderly wife lovingly and kindly. A companionship that was to end in eternal separation after an hour or two of brief, apparent friendship would otherwise afford only superficial, temporary, feigned, animal-like feelings, and false compassion and artificial respect. As with animals, self-interest and other overpowering emotions would prevail over the respect and compassion, transforming that worldly paradise into Hell.

    The sociologists, politicians, and moralists, who govern mankind and are concerned with its social and moral questions should be aware of this! How do they propose to fill this vacuum? With what can they cure these deep wounds?


    The Gate of Generosity and Beauty,

    the Manifestation of the Names of Generous and Beautiful

    Is it at all possible that infinite generosity and liberality, inexhaustible riches, unending treasures, peerless and eternal beauty, flawless and everlasting perfection, should not require the existence of grateful supplicants, yearning spectators and astounded onlookers, all destined to stay an eternity in an abode of bliss, a place of repose? Yes, adorning the face of the world with all these objects of beauty, creating the moon and the sun as its lamps, filling the surface of the earth with the finest varieties of sustenance and thus making it a banquet of bounty, making fruit-trees into so many dishes, and renewing them several times each season — all this shows the existence of infinite generosity and liberality. Such unending liberality and generosity, such inexhaustible treasures of mercy, require the existence of an abode of repose, a place of bliss, that shall be everlasting and contain all desirable objects within it. They also require that those who enjoy such bliss should remain in that abode of repose eternally, without suffering the pain of cessation and separation. For just as the cessation of pain is a form of pleasure, so too the cessation of pleasure is a form of pain, one that such infinite generosity is unwilling to countenance. It requires, then, the existence both of an eternal paradise and of supplicants to abide in it eternally.

    Infinite generosity and liberality desire to bestow infinite bounty and infinite kindness. The bestowal of infinite bounty and infinite kindness require in turn infinite gratitude. This necessitates the perpetual existence of those who receive all the kindness so that they can demonstrate their thanks and gratitude for that perpetual bestowal and constant bounty. A petty enjoyment, made bitter by cessation, and lasting for only a brief time, is not compatible with the requirements of generosity and liberality.

    Look too at the different regions of the world, each like an exhibition where God’s crafts are displayed. Pay attention to the dominical proclamations in the hands of all the plants and animals on the face of the earth and listen to the prophets and the saints, the heralds of the beauties of dominicality. They unanimously display the flawless perfections of the Glorious Maker by demonstrating His miraculous arts, and thus invite the gazes of men.

    The Maker of this world has, then, most important, astounding and secret perfections. It is these He wishes to display by means of His miraculous arts. For secret, flawless perfection wishes to be manifested to those who will appreciate, admire and wonderingly gaze at it. Eternal perfection requires eternal manifestation. Such eternal manifestation in turn requires the perpetual existence of those who are to appreciate and admire it. The value of perfection will always sink in the view of its admirer if he is devoid of perpetual existence. Again, the beauteous, artistic, brilliant and adorned creatures that cover the face of the globe, bear witness to the fairness of a peerless, transcendent beauty, and indicate the subtle charms of an unparalleled, hidden pulchritude, just as sunlight bears witness to the sun. Each manifestation of that sacred, transcendent beauty, indicates the existence of countless hidden treasures in each of God’s Names. Now so exalted, peerless and hidden a beauty, just as it desires to view its own fairness in a mirror and to behold the degrees and measures of its beauty in an animate reflection, desires also to become manifest, in order to look on its own beauty through the eyes of others. That is, it wishes to look at its own beauty in two ways; firstly, by beholding itself in mirrors of variegated colour; secondly, through the gaze of yearning witnesses to itself, of bewildered admirers of its beauty.

    In short, beauty and fairness desire to see and be seen. Both of these require the existence of yearning witnesses and bewildered admirers. And since beauty and fairness are eternal and everlasting, their witnesses and admirers must have perpetual life. An eternal beauty can never be satisfied with transient admirers. An admirer condemned to irreversible separation will find his love turning to enmity once he conceives of separation. His admiration will yield to ridicule, his respect to contempt. For just as obstinate man is an enemy to what is unknown to him, so too he is opposed to all that lies beyond his reach, and love that is not infinite will respond to a beauty that deserves unending admiration with implicit enmity, hatred and rejection.

    So endless generosity and liberality, peerless fairness and beauty, flawless perfection — all these require the existence of eternally grateful and longing supplicants and admirers. But we see in this hospice of the world that everyone quickly leaves and vanishes, having had only a taste of that generosity, enough to whet his appetite but not to satiate him, and having seen only a dim light coming from the perfection, or rather a faint shadow of its light, without in any way being fully satisfied. It follows, then, that men are going toward a place of eternal joy where all will be bestowed on them in full measure.

    In short, just as this world, with all its creatures, decisively demonstrates the existence of the Glorious Maker, so too do His sacred attributes and Names indicate, show and logically require, the existence of the hereafter.

    The Twenty-Third Word


    Man stands in need of most of the varieties of beings in the universe and is connected to them. His needs spread through every part of the world, and his desires extend to eternity. As he wants a flower, so he wants the spring. As he desires a garden, so does he also desire everlasting Paradise. As he longs to see a friend, so does he long to see the All-Beauteous One of Glory. Just as in order to visit one he loves who lives somewhere else, he is in need for his beloved’s door to be opened to him, so too in order to visit the ninety-nine per cent of his friends who have travelled to the intermediate realm and so be saved from eternal separation, he needs to seek refuge at the court of an Absolutely Powerful One. For it is He Who will close the door of this huge world and open the door of the hereafter, which is an exhibition of wonders, remove this world and establish the hereafter in its place.

    Thus for man in this position the only True Object of Worship will be One in Whose hand are the reins of all things, with Whom are the treasuries of all things, Who sees all things, and is present everywhere, Who is beyond space, exempt from impotence, free of fault, and far above all defect; an All-Powerful One of Glory, an All-Compassionate One of Beauty, an All-Wise One of Perfection.

    The Thirtieth Word


    In every facet of the motion of all P A R T I C L E S the light of Divine unity shines like the sun. If every particle is not an official of God acting with His permission and under His authority, and if it is not undergoing change within His knowledge and power, then every particle must have infinite knowledge and limitless power; it must have eyes that see everything, a face that looks to all things, and authority over all things. For every particle of the elements acts, or can act, in an orderly fashion in all animate beings. But the order within things and laws according to which they are formed differ from one thing to the next. If their order was not known to the particles, the particles could not act, or even if they could act, they could not act without error. In which case, the particles which are performing their duties in beings are either acting with the permission and at the command, and within the knowledge and at the will, of the owner of an all-encompassing knowledge, or they themselves must have such an all-encompassing knowledge and power.

    Yes, all particles of air can enter the bodies of all animate beings, the fruits of all flowers, and the structures of all leaves. They can act within them, although the way the beings are formed is all different and their order and systems quite distinct. As though the factory of a fig were a loom for weaving cloth and the factory of a pomegranate, a machine for producing sugar, and so on; the programmes of their structures and bodies all differ from each other. A particle of air, then, enters or can enter all of them. It takes up its position and acts in a wise and masterly fashion without error. And on completion of its duty it departs. A mobile particle of mobile air, therefore, either must know the forms, shapes, measures, and formations with which plants and animals, and even fruits and flowers, are clothed, or else it must be an official acting under the command and will of one who does know.


    In every particle there are two truthful evidences to the existence and unity of the Necessarily Existent One. Indeed, by carrying out its important duties consciously and by raising mighty loads despite being powerless and lifeless, a particle bear decisive witness to the existence of the Necessarily Existent One. And by conforming to the universal order peculiar to each place it enters, and by settling anywhere as though it was its homeland, it testifies to the unity of the Necessarily Existent One and to the oneness of that Being Who is the Owner of all things, with their apparent faces and their inner aspects which look to Him. That is to say, whoever owns the particles must also own all the places it enters.

    Thus, since its loads are extremely heavy and its duties endless, the particle demonstrates that it is mobile and acting at the command of One Possessing Absolute Power, and in His name. And, the fact that it conforms as though knowingly to the universal order of the cosmos and enters each place without obstacle shows that it acts through the power and wisdom of a single Being Possessing Absolute Knowledge.

    A private soldier has relations with his squad, his company, his battalion, his regiment, and his division, and so on, and has duties in connection with each. Since he knows all those relations and duties, he will act in conformity with them. For, having received training and instruction under military discipline, he complies with the rules and regulations of a single supreme commander who commands all those sections.

    In the same way, all particles are suitably placed within compounds, and with every facet of the compounds have different beneficial relations and different well-regulated duties that yield wise results that are all different. It is therefore surely only One in the grasp of whose power is the whole universe who can place the particles in such a way as to preserve all their relations with and duties in all the facets of the compounds, and not spoil the wise results.

    For example, a particle located in the eye is suitably placed with regard to the

    blood-vessels like the arteries and veins, and the motor and sensory nerves, and has a wise and purposeful relationship with the face, and then with the head, the trunk, and with the entire human body, and has beneficial duties in relation to each. This demonstrates that only one who creates all the members of the body will be able to place the particle in that position.

    Particles entering the body as sustenance in the caravan of food in particular make their journey with astonishing order and wisdom. On their way, they pass through modes and stages in an orderly manner, and progressing consciously without confusion carry on till they are strained through the four filters in the bodies of animate beings. They are then loaded onto the red blood-corpuscles in order to come to the assistance of the members and cells which are in need of sustenance, rendering this assistance according to a law of generosity. It may be clearly understood from this that the One Who drives these particles and causes them to pass through thousands of different states must of necessity be a Generous Sustainer, a Compassionate Creator, in relation to Whose power particles and stars are equal.

    Moreover, all particles act within embroideries of the greatest art and have relations with all the other particles therein. Since each is in a position of both dominance and subjection to all the rest, both to each individually and to all of them generally, it either knows and creates that wonderfully skilful embroidery and wisdom-displaying ornamented art, which is a thousand times impossible, or each of them is a point assigned to that motion, which proceeds from the law of Divine Determining and pen of power of the All-Wise Maker.

    For example, if the stones of the dome are not dependent on the command and skill of its architect, all the stones must have skill in the art of building like an architect, and must be either subject to, or dominant over, the rest of the stones. That is, they must have the power to say: “Come, we shall stand shoulder to shoulder in order not to fall and collapse.”

    In the same way, if the particles in creatures, which are thousands of times more skilfully fashioned, wonderful, and full of wisdom than the dome , are not dependent on the command of the master builder of the universe, to each of them must the ascribed as many attributes of perfection as those of the universe’s Maker.

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    Hello my name is George West. I am reaching out in an attempt to create conversation about the legalization of Cannabis in NY. I am a current store owner in upstate New York. A close friend, James Shuler said that I should reach out and speak to people about what is currently happened in New York involving Cannabis and some store owners.
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    Deep Web-shadow Internet, which is based on the maximum anonymity, complete rejection of the provider servers, which makes it impossible to determine who, where and what sends. This is created using onion routing. Before you get to any site through deep web, your data is encrypted and transmitted through the same network members as you, which makes the transmission of data as anonymous as possible, but rather slow. Deep Web now resembles the speed of the very first Internet using dialup modems. The sites are on it are encrypted with the domain names .onion. It was Tor that created the largest onion network. It is a network in which there are no rules, laws, and countries.What can be purchased in the domain zone .onion? Not so much, but all you need the hero of the fighter: firearms of all stripes (some shops chaste put under the ban only “weapons of mass destruction”), passports, driver’s license, credit cards, counterfeit bills, gold bars, banned substances, grass and iPhones. They say you can still buy killers, slaves or human organs.

    How to get on the Dark Web Technically, this is not a difficult process. You simply need to install and use Tor. Go to and download the Tor Browser, which contains all the required tools. Run the downloaded file, choose an extraction location, then open the folder and click Start Tor Browser. That’s it. The Vidalia Control Panel will automatically handle the randomised network setup and, when Tor is ready, the browser will open; just close it again to disconnect from the network.

    Exclusive to the

    Tor Link Directory – – Links to onion sites tor browser
    commented on Contact 2021-06-17 15:00:16 -0400
    Skyway, route 198 and 33

    I am against any changes to the above routes. My travel times would triple if I lost this access and I had to use city streets. Think environmentally to save gas and air pollution. PLEASE put this on the ballot in the Nov election. Let the people decide what should be done and not the politicians.
    commented on Contact 2021-05-07 15:21:26 -0400
    commented on Contact 2021-05-07 15:20:39 -0400
    commented on Contact 2021-04-24 01:41:23 -0400
    Just wanted to ask if you would be interested in getting external help with graphic design? We do all design work like banners, advertisements, photo edits, logos, flyers, etc. for a fixed monthly fee.

    We don’t charge for each task. What kind of work do you need on a regular basis? Let me know and I’ll share my portfolio with you.
    commented on Contact 2021-04-24 01:41:21 -0400
    Just wanted to ask if you would be interested in getting external help with graphic design? We do all design work like banners, advertisements, photo edits, logos, flyers, etc. for a fixed monthly fee.

    We don’t charge for each task. What kind of work do you need on a regular basis? Let me know and I’ll share my portfolio with you.
    commented on Contact 2021-04-24 01:41:21 -0400
    Just wanted to ask if you would be interested in getting external help with graphic design? We do all design work like banners, advertisements, photo edits, logos, flyers, etc. for a fixed monthly fee.

    We don’t charge for each task. What kind of work do you need on a regular basis? Let me know and I’ll share my portfolio with you.
    commented on Contact 2021-03-31 22:47:32 -0400
    With all due respect, you have not a clue how terrible legalizing marijuana is going to be! The moral and physical demise of users is just devastating—have you not checked into anything? There should be no questions if all the research was done yet there are a lot of questions and it does not matter what color anyone’s skin is. Greed is a terrible thing and NYS Government is knee deep in it! Sure there will be lots of jobs and a lot of them will be in the drug recovery and addiction lines of work. Is that what you want?

    Can you picture early teens and younger kids smoking or chewing or eating the dope? How will you be able to explain this baloney to the parents? Again, without regard to skin color or nationality.

    You guys just cannot fathom and simply have no comprehensive idea of common sense.

    Of course, IMHO.

    You guys are just so much smarter than us commoners.

    Be well

    commented on Contact 2021-03-28 12:20:13 -0400

    I am aware (somewhat!) of the issues regarding incarceration for possession of marijuana and the harm this has done to black and brown communities. I appreciate your work in changing/reversing the policies that contributed to this unjust situation. My son and I also happen to be very allergic to second hand smoke. We are already challenged to avoid the cigarette and marijuana stench when we are outside in midtown NYC where we live, or if someone is smoking outside under an our open window. Since I was active in getting cigarette smoke out of public places many years ago (a law that is often disrespected and not enforced), I have concern for what this will mean for my and my son’s health -not to mention many others who will not take action to speak up as I am. I am sure you know that second-Hand smoke has many deleterious effects, and marijuana is no different. Ear and respiratory infections in children are higher if exposed and can lead to learning disabilities. (See the book “Smart Moves”.) And here is a list of carcinogens contained in the smoke:

    Marijuana smell is already a problem in the apartment building where we live, and management has been unable to locate the offending apartment(s) because the smell travels so far. Someone sometimes smokes in the fire stairwell, and I could smell it in my apartment but not locate the floor from where it came. I know people in other buildings going through the same issue with management trying to identify the user and suffering respiratory consequences because of the exposure (one of them is a professional singer and voice teacher). In addition to getting into our bodies, the particulate matter gets into the cell phones and computer equipment making them need replacement sooner.

    My movement teacher from Oregon had to close her movement studio because the building nextdoor started processing marijuana, and clients and trainers were getting ill. After her long-term exposure, she is now so sensitive, she is having a hard time finding a place to live where she isn’t getting exposed to pot since it is so ubiquitous and smoke fumes and particles travel such great distances. She is now part of a group trying to get some controls set up ( since marijuana is being offered and sold everywhere – cafes add it to drinks, ice cream… There are already several WeedWorld vans driving around NYC – one near the iceskating rink at Bryant Park where I have been taking my son all Winter, and one near the subway we use to go to his school. Children at his school already got sick from some edibles and a friend of mine tried one gummy and ended up in the ER unable to breathe. Also, doesn’t the data exist from CO and OR to look at how marijuana legalization impacts driving and many more issues? Please put that money towards hearing from groups who are suffering from health, livelihood, and home issues in those states because of legalization, and make this part of the conversation. Sensitive people such as myself need to have clean air in a city where we are so close together.

    Thank you,
    commented on Contact 2021-03-25 09:34:09 -0400

    This message is actually directed towards Ms. Davis.

    I am reaching out as a member of the UB Votes committee to invite you, a member of your staff, or Ms. Peoples-Stokes to participate in a virtual panel of political leaders on Wednesday, April 28 from 6:00-7:00 pm.

    The UB Votes committee charge is to increase voter registration and engagement among UB community members in national, state-wide, local, and campus elections by uniting divergent efforts from across the university into one concerted initiative.

    Our aim with this event is to educate University at Buffalo students on how they can best communicate with elected officials and contribute civically within their communities. We will provide panelists with a list of questions they can expect to receive during the first half of the event and will then open it up to attendees to be able to ask questions as well.

    If you or someone from your staff team is able to attend, please let us know by April 2nd. Thank you very much for your consideration of this invitation.


    Tom Vane

    University at Buffalo
    commented on Contact 2021-03-18 10:17:31 -0400
    Dear Ms.Stokes: I disagree with legalizing marijuana. I’m concerned about the users who will drive under the influence. It is going to be just the same as with alcohol and driving dwi. People are just not responsible when it comes to things like this and I don’t want to die because of someone abusing when they smoke marijuana. You can’t even get people to obey the law about not driving and texting at the same time (which is not even enforced by cops). If they did, you would make a ton of money. Just for the record, I am your age and have never even had an interest in trying it. At concerts at the old Aud, I would be sick by the time I got home after being there and smelling it throughout the concert. Thank you.
    commented on Contact 2021-02-23 02:52:50 -0500
    Dear, ms stokes

    I am writing in regards to concerns I have over the current battle to legalize cannabis correctly, I am a poor Caucasian from buffalos west side I grew up poor with no father a drug addict mother I was sent to school in a black neighborhood ,needless to say I had many of the same disadvantages including felony conviction a due to drugs and being a lost kid on the street my immediate concern is someone like me while not considered a minority I fit all the qualifications of hardship I am wondering if people like me will be represented in this bill ,not just minorities but poor people of all color and creed are allowed grants and funding to get into the industry. Also I want to express what cannabis has done for me I was burned 3rd degree over 10 years ago about 40% of my body the pain was unbearable so I was on pain pills and was later addicted and moved to heroin got in trouble did time got electrocuted by high voltage and burned 3rd degree over my whole body again, after that that instead of going back to pain pills and a possible opiate addiction again I was prescribed medical marijuana and this has provided me with a alternative to narcotic opiates that killed my mother my half brother about 10 close friends and so many more ..mmj has gave me a better quality of life and free from alot of pain. But my problem is the cost of buying mmj from the state certified dispensary is to great for me to supply myself with the amount of medicine I need to get thru..and have took to growing my own out of necessity being I can’t afford the price of a 75 $ cartridge that only lasts me for 3 days tops . So now by a law with no victim I am created a criminal for providing myself with medicine I need but can not afford this is not fair to the people and is unconstitutional so while you and governor cuomo banter back and forth people and patients are being punished for relieving their pain ..I am a poster child for why we need med home grow and I am will to place my freedom on the line to get this right restored to the people please help!
    commented on Contact 2020-06-17 18:45:06 -0400
    commented on Contact 2020-06-16 20:29:28 -0400
    I would like to volunteer for Ms. Peoples Stokes efforts. I have a few ideas of how I might be able to use some of my work experiences to help out, but would be glad to jump in where needed. I have a great deal of respect for the Assembly Leader and would be honored to contribute in any way I can.
    commented on Contact 2020-02-25 11:56:08 -0500
    Bloomberg is not ever gpoing to get my vote. I have voted for every DSwemocrat since 1964 and (I WILLNEVER vote for BLOOMBERG n or will I make a contribution to the party if he is nominee.
    commented on Contact 2019-11-01 20:04:18 -0400
    commented on Contact 2019-10-15 15:05:40 -0400
    Stop giving our money away, the dems are ruining NYS. You say free college tuition. Well somebody had to pay. The Single Payer bill is another example of giving money away thinking of only some and not all of NYS,. I would assume all staff in government would also be under the single payer program??? Stop forcing these socialist programs down our throats.!
    commented on Contact 2019-10-02 12:49:30 -0400
    Can you please send the date for the annual Crystal Ball fundraising event. Thank you.
    commented on Contact 2019-03-23 12:33:11 -0400
    New Yorkers do Not want to dumb down our state on pot. If your voting for it you must be a user or benefactor. Youngsters and Families need healthy choices. Not mind altering drugs. Shame on you! This Bill is Not benefiting the majority of people of this state. Hear your majority and do what’s best for society. Drugs damage minds!
    commented on Contact 2019-03-15 23:32:31 -0400
    I think your (Stokes) ideas on blocking marijuana legalization aren’t broad enough. It’s not just black communities, it’s everyone they are trying to screw over. The lawmakers have only given a small group the rights to benefits from sales/distribution of marijuana. The same corporate greed mongers who have made billions off of jailing millions for possessing it. This is much bigger than just the black community. I am 1000% for the FULL legalization; but not at the disproportionate distribution of wealth it current is designed to benefit. I would love to become involved with this in any way I can.
    commented on Contact 2019-01-29 12:31:17 -0500
    Thank you for sponsoring a bill to legalize recreational marijuana. When is the bill slated to hit the ’floor’’? Also, I see that there is not a provision for home growing. Please allow medical marijuana patients to grow their own. I use the Albany dispensaries, and the price is prohibitive. My doctor requires an office visit every 3 months @ $75 a visit. That’s $300 a year. Then add the medical marijuana costs, which are much higher than the “black market” and you pay another $100-200 a month. So it costs me between $125-225 per month for my medicine. If I can grow my own medicine, the cost would be about $20 or less a month. Plus, I can grow exactly the strain I need. The state of Oregon allows medical marijuana to be grown at home by individuals. Thank you! Don
    commented on Contact 2019-01-11 13:31:06 -0500

    We will be holding a protest at Absolut Care of Aurora Park Saturday February 9 at 2:30pm in front of Absolut Care demanding that they treat their patients with respect and dignity. We are demanding that “for profit” be removed from nursing homes and remove out of town owners and have local owners. My father spent two months at this facility and I know they would have killed him if we did not get him out when we did.

    Here is the link to my petition:

    And the facebook link to the protest:

    We would love to have you speak and stand with us.

    My number is (716) 807-6282 if you have any questions or if you are interested in joining us!

    Thank you!

    -Jennifer Page
    commented on Contact 2018-12-19 18:13:46 -0500
    What is wrong with you? I can’t believe you would murder defenseless innocent babies in such a horrible manner. Why would you want to “codify” roe vs wade when it was all based on a lie by Norma mccorvey. She even tried to get the ruling overturned in 1975 when she realized it was a huge mistake. Killing babies has gone on way too long. This has to end. Would you do that to your own children ?. It’s disgusting and sickening to kill a innocent unborn baby!
    commented on Contact 2018-08-24 12:47:42 -0400

    Congratulations on running for office this year!

    Arts Services Initiative of Western New York (ASI) serves as the arts council for the Western New York region. We are requesting all local candidates to complete a simply survey which can be accessed on our website here:

    Please select the link that matches the office you are running for and complete the survey. This survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

    Completed surveys will be printed unedited in The Public newspaper prior to the primary and general elections, and all candidates’ answers will be made available throughout the election season electronically via The Public, ASI and our community partners. In total, it is estimated that this survey will be seen by well over 75,000 constituents of the cultural community.

    Those who do not respond will be listed in the publication and noted as “Chose not to respond to survey”.

    Please complete the survey online no later than 5 pm on Monday, August 27, 2018 (PRIMARIES) or no later than 5pm on Monday, September 24, 2018 (GENERAL ELECTION).

    Please contact me if you have any questions about the survey process. On behalf of the cultural sector and its supporters, we look forward to your response.


    Natalie Brown


    Arts Services Initiative of WNY

    95 Perry Street, Suite 402

    Buffalo, New York 14203

    [email protected]

    (716) 362-8389 x 512